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The Play

Maid to Order

Here’s a farce at its funny and frenetic best!  A wealthy widow, Marcy Malliger, is expecting her beau for dinner, which means she expects nothing less than perfection from her household staff.  Her disgusting son Gerald, who is 25 years old but still lives with his “mommy,” is attempting to put the moves on the maids, as usual.  Sarah, a recently hired maid, does her best to ignore his overtures so as not to lose her job.  That’s when her brother James shows up, looking for a place to hide.  He’s on the run from a loan shark who wants his money back, and certainly the mobster wouldn’t think to look for him at a mansion.  But wouldn’t you know, Ms. Malliger’s beau who comes for dinner is the loan shark?!  Bring in the cops, who think James is Gerald (and vice versa!), and the loan shark’s dim-witted daughter, who instantly falls head-over-heels for Gerald, and you’ve got all the ingredients for fantastic farce in just one hour!  Mistaken identities galore, a fast paced plot that picks up more speed as it goes and an extended chase scene involving well...  just about everyone, will instantly make this fresh farce a favorite for cast, crew and audience alike!

Gerald Malliger - Jordan Utesch
Sarah - Kaya Hantsbarger
Marcy Malliger - Megan Bush
Janice - Katie Gannon
Bethany - Grace Galles
Charles Cambin - Jacob Simonsen
Winnie Cambin - Mattie Tucker
Cop 1 - Nathan Vrieze
Cop 2 - Cameron Miller
The Man - Jerome Holmes

MMC-RU Drama Department

by Matthew Begbie
Scene:  New York City, Upper East Side
Time: The mid to late 1940's

Cherokee Community Theater
Cherokee County Sheriff's Office
Denis Hartnett
Matt Hansen
Jim & Traci Miller
Renea Ogren
Penny Pingrey
Steve George
Lisa White
Ryan White
Tyler White
MMC & RU Staff
And the awesome families of the cast and crew

Louisa Hansen
Roman Galles
Jerome Holmes
Cassie Thomson
Tana Jones
Brooklyn Treinen
Angeleah Hoefling
Rae Tucker
Jasi Vasher
Dakotah Owens

Stage Manager - Kassi Kellogg
Technical Director - Mr. Jacob Bruns
Director - Mrs. Briana White