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Bridgewater Meeting

Below are comments from Superintendent Jan Brandhorst on the Bridgewater Meeting held on August 20, 2014. The PowerPoint presented to the School Board is attached below.

Comments from Mr. Jan Brandhorst, Supt. 

Earl Bridgewater was hired by the Remsen Union and Marcus Meriden Cleghorn School Boards to look at the facilities, enrollments, budgets, etc. to recommend how attendance centers could be used in a whole grade sharing agreement.  Earl has conducted many such surveys and is basing his recommendation on the data he acquired in 6 days of visits to the two school districts. The power point is being posted so that everyone can see what was presented on August 20.  As most of you know RU and MMC have been sharing various programs and staff members for several years.  This past summer softball and baseball were shared and now all junior high sports for the 14-15 school year are being shared with practices and events being held in each district.  All shared programs are outlined in the report. 

The Board in each district received the Bridgewater report in a special meeting held in each district.  This was the first opportunity for the school Board to hear the report as well as for members of the public that were in attendance in each district.  There will be opportunities for public input and the Board will welcome those thoughts as it analyzes and prepares for any decision dealing with whole grade sharing, but it is important that the Board members themselves have time to review this report.   Additional meetings are being planned to openly interact about this possibility. 

I want everyone to know that this information is public and no attempt is being made to withhold any part of it.  The Remsen Union School Board meets the second Monday of every month at 7:00 pm.  Agendas are posted at school and will be at the post office and on the school website as well.  You are always welcome to attend and hear what is going on.  School board meetings in Iowa are guided by the open meetings law.  This means that the public may attend and become aware of the action the board is taking.  Each regular board meeting has time at the beginning devoted to public forum.  During this time you may sign up to address the Board of concerns as long as it isn't a personnel issue.  There is a 20 minute limit on the forum.  Special meetings do not provide for public forum. 

You may contact me if you have a question, comment, or concern.  Thank you, Jan Brandhorst, Supt. 

Oct 10, 2014, 12:51 PM